Broken turntable

No matter how old are you, you can find something lovely in the products of the ‘70s. It could be the lava lamps, the egg chairs, the colours that they use, the music, the clothes or even the food. For me the music and the vinyl. The thought of playing a music from a vinyl, on a turntable gives me shiver, every damn time.

This is why I had a turntable for 20 years. But last week, I made a terrible mistake.

During the summer ending big cleaning (which I do every year) I usually moving all the furniture to clean underneath. But now, I accidentally hit the cupboard I stored my precious record player and it fall over. After a small heart attack, I realised that everything broke which was inside of the cupboard. The turntable as well.

I was more than sad when I saw the broken pieces of the favourite part of my past. I just sat there for hours with empty eyes and empty heart.

After I recovered I put back the cupboard to its original place. I was sure that no one could repair my turntable, because it was in at least 20 parts.

The sadness continued for at least a week, but after that I wanted to use my vinyl discs again. To do this I had to replace my old beauty. So I opened up my browser and started a small research in this topic. I found out that nowadays a lot of different kind of “retro” turntable have released which have pretty interesting durability and usability. I read over 20 turntable reviews in a single day on this site:, but now I found the perfect product. With retro style, but modern parts, it could last much longer than the original. For 250 bucks it wasn’t so expensive.


It arrived yesterday and guys…maybe it’s not an original product from the ‘70s, but it’s just perfect. My sadness is over.

I have just bought a gas range

I have just bought a gas range!

I have written in one of my previous posts that I decided to renovate my kitchen. Well, since then the job has been started and I am actually pretty close to finish it and finally have the kitchen I have always dreamt about.

I just wanted to share with you my latest purchase, which is a gas range. Before I used an electric range and to be honest I wasn’t really satisfied with it. Cooking on it just wasn’t perfect. I asked some of my friends who I know use gas range what are their experiences. They could only say good things about theirs.

So, I looked around on the market, to see what is available for sale and how much it costs. There are some sites where you can read reviews and comparisons of the best gas ranges. Gas ranges do cost more than electric ranges but you buy a gas range for a long time right, so even if the price is higher, it is worth buying the better quality one, right.

Certainly, I checked reviews of different brands and their models and it turned out that Samsung and GE make the best ones. They aren’t cheap but they are of really high quality. I finally decided to buy one of the GE models.


It looks stunning! Much better than the electric one I used to use. If it will be as good cooking on it as good it looks like, that will be amazing.

I will get back to you once I actually start using it. I was just so excited, I wanted to share my happiness with you.

See you!

Solid Advice For Living With Back Pain

Solid Insight For Dealing with Pain in the back

Source: Flickr

It does not need constant lifting of hefty things or dragging things around to bring on signs and symptoms of severe pain in the back. Also something as little in life as the chair you being in or the bed mattress you sleep on, could do damages. That is why you ought to “pain-proof” your home for any type of unpredictable items that are recognized to create back pain later on in life.

Having neck and back pain? Get a massage therapy. Getting a back massage will certainly ease the aching tensed muscle mass in your back, and also aid to ease the anxiety of neck and back pain. Having a Thirty Minutes massage therapy either by a specialist or a family member can produce durable remedy for aching back muscles. In case you are looking for a long term solution, you may look into where you can read reviews of the best massage chairs.

In some cases music treatment has actually worked well to ease neck and back pain. Pain in the back can be related to anxiety as well as stress, unwinding and also listening to songs momentarily daily could minimize your stress as well as may work in order to help your pain also. Unwind, hear your preferred songs, and minimize your neck and back pain by doing what you enjoy.

Correct stretching is probably among the most effective methods you could function to get rid of constant pain in the back. When you stretch, whether you’re doing toe touches, sit-ups or side bends, you are releasing the muscle mass and soothing several of the tension there. A failure to extend appropriately might lead to a pulled muscle or convulsions.

Prevent meaning long periods of time. Representing as well long exacerbates the back muscle mass and places a wonderful quantity of stress on them. Ensure to rest when you can as well as to prevent scenarios that call for standing for as well lengthy. If you know you will certainly need to represent a very long time, make certain to stretch in the past as well as later on.

Obesity has actually been shown to be a crucial consider chronic back pain. Shedding pounds and maintaining weight within typical varieties can substantially reduce discomfort and also pressure on the back. Regular workout could additionally help enhance back muscles. These are the leading suggestions by medical professionals to obese patients suffering from pain in the back.

If you’re considering acquiring anything to aid with your pain in the back, search in to acquiring an ergonomic chair. These sorts of chairs are specifically developed for your back as well as will certainly offer complete support that you can depend on. You can keep appropriate position while sitting in these chairs and also ease and potentially also eliminate your discomfort.

For individuals who experience chronic neck and back pain, your first go to shouldn’t be to the shop to purchase a massager but rather to the physician’s workplace to see if you have a slipped disc or an additional type of injury. Back pain can be the result of a hundred various traits, as well as many of them could be severe.

While you may not have the ability to get to in every edge and pull out everything that has an adverse impact, you could eliminate a few of the things that have the greatest impact and that will substantially enhance your opportunities of security. Remain positive and also remember what was talked about in this short article, for the springtime cleansing that you perform in your residence.