Broken turntable

No matter how old are you, you can find something lovely in the products of the ‘70s. It could be the lava lamps, the egg chairs, the colours that they use, the music, the clothes or even the food. For me the music and the vinyl. The thought of playing a music from a vinyl, on a turntable gives me shiver, every damn time.

This is why I had a turntable for 20 years. But last week, I made a terrible mistake.

During the summer ending big cleaning (which I do every year) I usually moving all the furniture to clean underneath. But now, I accidentally hit the cupboard I stored my precious record player and it fall over. After a small heart attack, I realised that everything broke which was inside of the cupboard. The turntable as well.

I was more than sad when I saw the broken pieces of the favourite part of my past. I just sat there for hours with empty eyes and empty heart.

After I recovered I put back the cupboard to its original place. I was sure that no one could repair my turntable, because it was in at least 20 parts.

The sadness continued for at least a week, but after that I wanted to use my vinyl discs again. To do this I had to replace my old beauty. So I opened up my browser and started a small research in this topic. I found out that nowadays a lot of different kind of “retro” turntable have released which have pretty interesting durability and usability. I read over 20 turntable reviews in a single day on this site:, but now I found the perfect product. With retro style, but modern parts, it could last much longer than the original. For 250 bucks it wasn’t so expensive.


It arrived yesterday and guys…maybe it’s not an original product from the ‘70s, but it’s just perfect. My sadness is over.